who we are

We are Lisa and Gregorio, a long-time couple who has just arrived from Friuli, after having managed a mountain campsite immersed in the Friulian Dolomites nature for 15 years.
There, in that long experience in which we grew up, we discovered a real passion for this job: hosting people who love nature.

And here we are, starting a new adventure, in an equally magical place.

In reality we are not alone, with us are Gerardo and Carlo, historical climbers who compensate for our still approximate knowledge of the area.
And with them there are climbing guides, hiking guides, mountain bike guides, experts in archeology and local history… with whom to collaborate and do things.
Because doing things TOGETHER is the funniest part of the job.

And then there is the mascot, Achille, 8 years old, who arrived with us from Friuli, who walks around these places telling us “but this is not Liguria … this is Paradise”.

Lisa e Gregorio