Hikes Excursions from the Base Camp Cucco

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Excursions directly from the Base Camp Cucco and the Dallā€™Orco bar.

The Base Camp Cucco and the Dall’Orco bar are part of a dense network of pathsĀ that allow you to make ring excursions to discover caves, ā€œciappiā€ with prehistoricĀ engravings, small archaeological parks, castles and vineyards, dolmens … in theĀ wild Mediterranean bush.

Most of the excursions we suggest here depart directly from the Base CampĀ Cucco or the Dallā€™Orco Bar, but we have also included some that are located inĀ the nearby valleys …
The signage is not always accurate, so we suggest using maps of the area orĀ apps on your mobile phone and if you really want to explore and take a bit moreĀ challenging routes, we suggest booking a guided excursion with expert guides.

Often the guide associations and the Archaeological Museum of FinalborgoĀ organize calendars with excursions, courses to approach climbing, cavingĀ excursions … if you want to be updated, subscribe to the newsletter.