incisioni ciappo delle conche

ciappo delle conche and ciappo dei ceci ring route

the magic circle

easy excursion

suitable for children

archaeological site

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4,5 km

Prehistoric engineering: the Ciappo delle Conche and Ceci ring

An excursion to Monte Cucco, among the scents of the Mediterranean bush, taking you to two places of great archaeological interest: the Ciappo delle Conche and the Ciappo dei Ceci.
A short and simple excursion, of about a couple of hours, suitable for children.

At the Ciappo delle Conche

The first stretch, the one to reach the Ciappo delle Conche, was described in a previous article.
But if you still want to walk, instead of immediately returning to the parking lot, you can lengthen the route by reaching a second ciappo, that of the Ceci.
A little journey into prehistory, to the Iron Age.

Ciappo delle Conche
Ciappo delle Conche

At the Ciappo dei Ceci

Also in this second place there are engravings on the limestone slab typical of Finale.
Here there is a single tank with three V-shaped channels for collecting the liquid, It is a second example of a water system for collecting rainwater, an example of prehistoric engineering.

To learn more about the topic, I suggest you visit the site of the Archaeological Museum of Finale Ligure.

To the Ciappi in the company of children

Bring an extra bottle of water with you to use to test the primitive water system.

To the Ciappi in mountain bike

It can also be traveled by mountain bike, a route defined as technical and difficult.

mappa anello dei ciappi
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