grotta dei Balconi

strapatente cave and balconi grotto ring route

nel ventre della montagna




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1.7 km

On this route, departing from the hamlet of Boragni, there are 3 caves: the Frangia cave, the Strapatente cave and the Balconi cave.

The first is a sheltered cave, common in the Finale area.
The other two are natural tunnels that cross the Bastionata di Boragni, a scenic white mountain among the dense vegetation.

Grotta della Frangia
Frangia Cave
Grotta Strapatente ingresso sud
Strapatente Cave, south entrance
Ingresso Grotta dei Balconi
Balconi Grotta entrance

The cave of the Strapatente

The second cave you encounter is the Strapatente which contains this
characteristic in its very name: the term derives from extra patens which means “that opens outwards”.

Inside this cave dating back to the Miocene, the drops of water still sculpt stalactites and stalagmites today.

It is about sixty meters long and the largest room measures about 10 Ă— 10 meters.
On one side, towards the south exit, you can see a wonder that nature has built over millions of years: the stoup, a basin that collects the water that falls from the ceiling.
And there you perceive the distinct sensation of being in the living womb of the mountain.

Interno della Grotta della Strapatente
Interno della Grotta della Strapatente

 Balconi Grotto or Domus Aurea

Near the cave of the Strapatente, the north entrance of the Grotta dei Balconi opens up.
You are faced with an entrance more similar to that of a dwelling than a cave, in fact among climbers it is called Domus Aurea.
The hole on the other side is instead a classic circular hole that offers a splendid view of the wild vegetation. 

Leaving this side you will find an oblique stone slab equipped with ropes for a descent of about 4 + 2.5 meters, increasing the degree of hiking difficulty (if you scroll the pictures you can see the descent with the rope. Go around it or go back by following the same route as the outward journey without giving up a similar experience.)

From the beauty and magic of the caves, to the “Amazonian” environment, to the pinkish white color of the rocks and their bizarre shapes, … a short excursion that catapults you into a real space-time journey.

(Bring a headlamp or flashlight and wear hiking shoes.)

Ingresso nella Val di Nava da Boragni
Entrance of Val di Nava
tratto con corda Grotta dei Balconi
Rope, the most difficult part of the trekking
Mappa anello Grotte della Strapatente e dei Balconi
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the Dolmen of Stapatente

Above the north entrance of the Strapatante cave is a Dolmen, a horizontal megalithic slab resting on five smaller stones. It is thought to be an altar dating back to the Bronze Age. (The Dolmen can be reached more easily from the path that starts from the hamlet of Orco, here the indications).

Climbing routes

Climbing is possible near both caves: the routes of Strapatente are between 6c and 7b, while in the area of the Grotta dei Balconi or Domus Aurea the routes are between 6a and 7b.