climbing at capo noli

overlooking the sea



In a unique context, with the waves crashing under your feet.

Here it ‘s possible to climb all year round, because the sea breeze cools even on the hottest days.

With routes of low difficulty, these 4 crags also allow beginners to experience a unique emotion.
An horizontal path of about 400m in length gives you the sensation of walking on water.

arrampicata capo noli
Capo Noli

Here is a very brief description of the various sectors:

DANCING DALLE: 10 routes from 4c to 7c, east and south.

EASY DALLE: 11 routes from 3a to 6b, east.

FIRST AND SECOND PILLAR: 13 routes from 5a to 7b, south.

NOLITUDE: 19 routes from 4b to 8a +, west.