la pietra del finalese

the pietra del finale

fossils and caves

The Pietra del Finale, a limestone carved by time

The caves cannot be mentioned without making a brief mention of the rocky conformation of this area: the Pietra del Finale is a bioclastic limestone with shades ranging from white to light brown and pink.
These rocks contain a large amount of fossils, attributable to the living forms that populated the Miocene sea (from 23 to 11 million years ago): among these is the important bone testimony of whales coming from the Aquila quarry, recently acquired and exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Finale.
The stone, which can be eroded in contact with rainwater, has allowed the slow formation of a series of elements typical of the karst landscape over
millions of years, including caves, some of which have been inhabited since prehistoric times.

Walking and exploring you will come across different ravines, from simple shelters to tunnel caves that cross the mountain.
Just near the Base Camp Cucco, following the path that connects it to Bar Dall’Orco, is the Grottone, a large cave with several niches.
In front of the cave there is a picnic area and along the path there is a vitae path.
This place is prefect for activities with children, to have a barbecue with friends or a yoga class immersed in nature.
In the center of the lawn in front of the Grottone there is a small wooden stage that allows concerts to be held.

grottone finale ligure
il Grottone
pietra del finale
il Monte Cucco