climbing sul monte cucco

climbing in monte cucco

few steps from the base camp cucco


first steps sector

few meters from the campsite

Monte Cucco: the symbol of climbing in Finale Ligure.

Climbing in Finale Ligure was born on Monte Cucco.
The first routes date back to 1968 and in the following decades techniques and materials were experimented with.

Here the pioneers opened the first truly extreme routes in the area.
Climbing on Monte Cucco offers various possibilities of styles and difficulties.

In this area alone, there are 12 sectors with nearly 300 routes, all of which can be reached on foot directly from Base Camp.

The height ranges from 10 to 80 meters with degrees from 5a to 8c.
First and second steps, a small sector recently opened by Gerardo Fornaro, is dedicated to beginners and children and has lower degrees of difficulty.

The best time to climb in this area is mid-season or in the morning in summer and in the Amphitheater sector it is possible to climb even on rainy days.

arrampicare monte cucco
Le falesie del Monte Cucco
base camp cucco climbing monte cucco

Here is a very brief description of the various sectors:

IL GROTTONE: 29 routes from 6c to 8c, west.

SETTORE ORIENTALE: 9 routes from 6b to 8b, west.

PRIMI E SECONDI PASSI: 9 routes from 3c to 5c, nord.

LA TORRE: 24 routes from 4a all’8a+, west.

SETTORE CENTRALE: 43 routes from 5c to 8a, est and west.

CANYON: 38 routes from 5b to 8a, west (remains completely in the shade also during the summer).

ANFITEATRO: 61 routes from 6a to 7c+, west.

PICCOLO CANYON: 13 routes from 5c to 7c, est and west.

CAMPANILE E PLACCA DEL POLPACCIO: 18 routes from 5b to 7b, west.

SAHARA WALL: 16 routes from 5a to 7c+, west.

SETTORE MACHETTO: 19 routes from 6a to 7a+, ovest.

CUCCO 2: 13 routes from 6a and 8b+, west.