Ciappo delle Conche

anello del ciappo delle conche

between archeology and nature

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archaeological interest

Il Ciappo delle Conche, a place with a magical atmosphere.

Surrounded by greenery, on top of Monte Cucco, this place takes you back in time, to the Iron Age.

The Ciappo delle Conche is a large slab of limestone (ciappo in the local language means stone) in which it is possible to see a prehistoric system for collecting rainwater.
In fact, there are rock carvings of different shapes: some are small rectangular basins, others circular, joined together by a network of channels.
Men collected rainwater for watering animals and to attract prey for hunting.

It is also said that these tubs were used for some ritual, and certainly the context lends itself.
In fact, in the hinterland of Finale Ligure there are several ciappi with engravings, but the Ciappo delle Conche is the largest and perhaps the most spectacular due to its position.
The practice of engraving then continued, and from the modern era we recognize a train, a boat and a flower.

in the company of children

Bring an extra bottle of water with you to use to test the primitive water system.

to the ciappo dei ceci

If you still want to walk, you can widen the ring by continuing the excursion to the Ciappo dei Ceci.

for further information

To learn more about the topic, we suggest you consult the site of the Archaeological Museum of Finalborgo.

L'altopiano del Monte Cucco
L'altopiano del Monte Cucco
mappa anello ciappo delle conche
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