San Lorenzino ring route

between Archeology and vineyard.

easy excursion

suitable for children

archaeological interest

historical interest

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2,2 km

the San Lorenzino Archaeological Park and the amphitheater vineyard.

The ring route of San Lorenzino leads to the Archaeological Park located on the dominant hill of the same name where there were fortifications around which the original village of Orco developed.
The park is made up of the remains of the Oratory dedicated to San Giorgio and ancient houses and the Church of San Lorenzino, the best preserved building in the complex, and the Early Medieval Castrum.

The Oratory of San Lorenzino

Going up towards the church of San Lorenzino, the first building you come across is the Oratory, perhaps the first place of worship in the area.
The presbytery and the altar of the Oratory are still visible today and, all around, the traces of the ancient houses.

The church of San Lorenzino

Further along the path is the Church of San Lorenzino, built in the 15th century over a first church of Romanesque origin dated around the 11th-12th century, which is no longer visible today.
A simple yet perfect church with exposed stone, a single nave, a roof with exposed beams, frescoes and a square bell tower.

Chiesa di San Lorenzino Orco
San Lorenzino Church

Early medieval Castrum

Continuing beyond the church, you reach the top of the hill where you can still see the remains of the stone tower of the early medieval Castrum, a strategic sighting point for the communication routes. From here you have a beautiful view of Val Cornei and Monte Cucco.
The presence of some rare botanical species, such as the Campanula with equal leaves and the Finale Dandelion, and a rich bird life such as the Peregrine Falcon and the Eagle Owl make the area very interesting from a naturalistic point of view.
The San Lorenzino Archaeological Park is located on the edge of an uncontaminated area and is part of a Site of Community Interest (SIC) and the “Finalese” Provincial Protected Area.
The park is not delimited by any fences and is accessible by anyone at all times of the year.

The San Lorenzino amphitheater vineyard

Continuing beyond the height of the Archaeological Park, you come to a hamlet of Orco with a small picnic area.
Continue going around the hill, and, once you have almost returned to the starting point, you will pass in front of the hamlet called Il Castello, a small agglomeration of stone houses and parts plastered in red and its sloping vineyard in the shape of
an amphitheater.

A wonderful place, just behind the parking lot of the Dall’Orco Bar.

Castello di San Lorenzino
Borgo Castello
Anello escursione San Lorenzino
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