The Base Camp a few km from the sea

sport & relaxation

Just 7km from the Base Camp Cucco you can reach the sea … and what a sea!
Blue flag, beautiful walks on the promenade, Kayaking, surfing, sup, snorkeling and diving and… the cetacean sanctuary.

Equipped beaches, free beaches and areas reserved for dogs.

You can choose to relax under an umbrella, experience the sea actively or choose a different village every day to explore the coastal towns and their beaches.

You can run to the sea after cycling, to cool off and enjoy an aperitif at sunset.
Or you can climb with the waves breaking beneath you, feeling all their energy.

You can rent surfboards, sup or kayaks and look at the coast from another point of view, reaching small hidden beaches or the island of Bergeggi, a protected marine area.
Or embark to reach the Cetacean Sanctuary: striped dolphins, fin whales and sperm whales, but also zifii and grampi …
You cannot miss a trip to Varigotti, the small Saracen village that arrives on the sand.

And for those who climb, Capo Noli offers the opportunity to do so with the waves crashing under their feet.